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I have been looking at and making my own sculptures for 50 years. I am interested in all figures and animals in action. The Olympic games with their moving, dynamic and competing figures was an endless source of subjects for me, this is reflected in several of my sculptures such as the beach volley ball player.

Wildlife subjects like boxing hares and turtles in the Ionian Sea are animals moving in their environment.

Most of my sculptures are cold cast bronze with a different patination of colours. These colours can be individualized as required by the purchaser.

Cororant 4.jpg

Cormorant  2 of 25 

Cold Cast Bronze

Size50cm height,50cm width,35cm depth

Price £695

Seal on a Rock 5 of 25.

Cold Cast Bronze

Size18cm height, 18cm width, 18cm depth

Price £350 Sold 5 others in edition available



Seals  Playing 2 of 25

Cold Cast Bronze

40cm height 20 cm wide

25cm depth


Dolphins Swimming 1of 25.

Mounted on white concrete base

other bases  available.

Cold Cast Bronze.

Size 45cm height, 29cm width, 26cm depth

Price £650.

DSC_1158 (2).JPG

Bather on the Beach 5 of 25.

Cold Cast Bronze

17cm height, 22cm width, 11cm depth.


Ballerina Resting

Cold Cast Bronze

Height 13cm width 28cm depth 15cm


Ballerina 3.JPG
DSC_1165 (2).JPG
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